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Template:Villain Infobox. The Ayuwoki is a conference revolving across the belated Michael Jackson. It originated when Michael passed away, a tale being a deliberate saying that the very last thing he said is Ayuwoki but he intended it as “Annie, have you been ok? The meme ended up being originally started by the YouTuber thomasrengstorff which produced an animatronic version of the real Michael, and published a video about it entitled “My Ghoul Jackson.

In line with the urban legend, Ayuwoki would slip into its target’s room at night to express “Hee hee” in reference to Michael’s singing riff. The rise for the Ayuwoki became so pronounced, many most likely because of the occasions in connection with demise associated with the Momo meme, numerous genuinely believe that Ayuwoki was a conglomeration of Michael Jackson and Momo. Ayuwoki rapidly became an exploitable meme with several individuals taking the challenge of calling Ayuwoki at three each day.

An on-line game entitled Escape the Ayuwoki was launched across the end of March where in fact the premise of this game may be the player is kidnapped because of the Ayuwoki whom takes them to their dark, disorderly mansion. The aim is to escape your house without making much noise given that Ayuwoki could hear everything in the house.

The Ayuwoki is depicted to be a feral monster whom has a tendency to run-on all fours and contains a range of razor-sharp teeth. If caught, the Ayuwoki would bloodily destroy the ball player, presumably by consuming them alive.

The video game is currently in its first chapter utilizing the staying chapters nonetheless becoming in development. The Urban Legend Ayuwoki uses Echolocation to find its prey. Most notably the rats that infest the old mansion who come to be his “Midnight Snacks”.

Template:Creepypasta Villains Template:Legends. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have an account? Start a Wiki. Beginnings [ edit edit resource ] The meme had been initially began by the YouTuber thomasrengstorff which developed an animatronic form of the true Michael, and published a video clip about it entitled “My Ghoul Jackson. Groups :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.


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Your internet browser does not help WebGL OK. Brand New Horror Game. Game on Igroutka. You are secured in a property where the evil spirit of Ayuwoki life plus the only thing you desire will be leave this spot as fast as possible. Get the way to avoid it and escape when you can! The monster has sensitive and painful ears and he will observe your per activity, so you will need to move quietly should you want to stay alive!/5(33). Ayuwoki quickly became an exploitable meme with several people taking the challenge of calling Ayuwoki at three each day. An internet game entitled Escape the Ayuwoki premiered round the end of March where the idea of this online game is the player is kidnapped by the Ayuwoki who takes them to their dark, disorderly mansion. The target would be to escape the house without making much sound as the Ayuwoki .

The overall game is simple, you must escape a mansion by finding a purple key to start the primary gate a purple one. To find it you’ll have to complete different tasks and puzzles. Additionally be aware of the “Ayuwoki” He can hear you Literally. In order to prevent him it is possible to conceal in “hide spots” being located in the furnishings, behind items or under the tables, simply keep an eye on the reduced correct corner icon for a watch with crossed range, this means you will be concealed.

Anyway, in the game there is certainly a “instructions” window i recommend you to definitely see clearly. Enjoy :. If you’re a content creator and this actually bothers you, hold F12 and then press F10 to disable it. Do the oposite to enable it once more, hold F10 and press F You’ve got been informed. We are maybe not making bull crap about anybody or attempting to damage the public image of every person or entity with this specific short game.

In the event that you give any other meaning for this online game it’s completely your decision. Log in with itch. DeadlyCrowGames, if the Android os version of the ayuwoki escape from the final version of it will probably turn out, we heard it established on iOS, I’m really anticipating playing it.

We await your response. This game had been no walk in the playground! Never have we felt much tension, yet plenty enjoyable at exactly the same time! Missing count of what amount of times I died lol. You have to earn your winnings, in the long run i do believe used to do!

I must say I have not played a game title that scared me that much. I became therefore afraid to also keep the beginning area of the online game. It’s not going to emerge, 1.

Although as this game has grown and developed i have started to get affixed to playing and examining the brand-new chapters within escape the ayuwoki and exactly how much it has cultivated through the initial beta is just ordinary awesome and I also am looking forward to the next part of the show. Genuinely, somebody advised that I play this game recently This game can be so crazy. I began a string onto it this part 1 of being frightened away from my head. This is the vapor version. Many thanks when it comes to great game! Escape the Ayuwoki.

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GlitchTrapMilGrau 61 days ago. MrAlex Enjoy 65 days ago. Reexe 66 times ago. Just imagine if there clearly was a sequel to this called, “Escape the Thriller. Alien Lobster 70 times ago. Can there be in any manner you can download the 1. TaniaBear 83 days ago. Alien Lobster 88 times ago. Can you add an easy method we can have fun with the 1. Minibilles on YT 96 days ago. DayneDaRonin days ago. Loved this video game! I played this a long time ago with a buddy.

Granato Gamer days ago. Sorry I could not hee hee out of my method right here. Great game. Dreaming about a lot more of this. I’ve my game play for this here:. GamingInteractive times ago. Needed to grab the crossovers on this one.

President9 times ago. ForeverNenaa days ago. Samicitrus days ago. This ain’t about Michael Jackson anymore, the improvement is a complete new type. Truly Scary. Chp 1 complete game play. Windows , macOS , Linux. Keyboard , Mouse.