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The disappointment for theoretical ecologists is that, with several thousand disparate ecosystems around the world, ecological theories is hard to universally falsify. Through that time, he reported only 1 of their hires to the board of overseers for falsify ing invoices, payment records show. We are going to forever ban any pollster discovered to be falsify ing information.

She helped falsify records and record which customers were depositing or withdrawing cash, but she did not testify. The scientific technique cannot establish truths; it could just falsify hypotheses. Other people visit way more severe lengths, like people who falsify programs or taxation statements. If there have been a law to discipline those who adulterate or falsify “truth,” our magistrates would be held exceedingly busy. I may equally charge questionable writers with fraudulence, once they falsify the text or arguments of an opponent.

But we ought to perhaps not falsify observation to prevent theoretical problems. It may be included, that perhaps the height associated with the boot-heels of younger collegians of twenty-five would have a tendency to falsify the typical. It will be curious in the event that result, as not unfrequently occurs, should be such as to falsify both conclusions.

New Term List Word List. Protect This term! See synonyms for falsify on Thesaurus. See misrepresent. Words nearby falsify falsework , falsie , falsies , falsifiable , falsification , falsify , falsity , Falstaff , Falstaffian , Falster , faltboat.

Words related to falsify contravene , pervert , exaggerate , contradict , misstate , distort , deceive , phony , forge , counterfeit , tamper with , traverse , color , angle , prevaricate , lie , doctor , equivocate , gloss , fib. The Analysis of Mind Bertrand Russell. Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, No.


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to alter papers, numbers, records, etc. to be able to deceive somebody: She had been charged with falsifying lender records. The certificate had plainly been falsified. To falsify is change or mangle anything, like a note or document, in ways that distorts this is. Since untrue things aren’t true, to falsify something is always to dishonestly change its definition. If a friend informs you a tale, and after that you retell the tale but transform important facts, you falsified the storyline. verb (used with object), fal·si·fied, fal·si·fy·ing. in order to make untrue or wrong, especially to be able to deceive: to falsify income-tax reports.

To mention untruthfully; misrepresent. In order to make false by changing or increasing: falsify testimony. To counterfeit; forge: falsify a visa. All rights set aside. Copyright , , by Random home, Inc. change to new thesaurus. Centered on WordNet 3. To make false declarations: fib , forswear , lie , prevaricate. To give a false character to one thing by alteration: doctor , fabricate , phony , fictionalize , fictionize.

To offer an incorrect view of by representing falsely or misleadingly: belie , color , distort , load , misrepresent , misstate , pervert , twist , warp , wrench , wrest. In order to make a fraudulent copy of: counterfeit , fake , forge.

He made a false declaration towards the police. She has a false passport. She’s incapable of uttering a falsehood. He falsified the records. Mentioned in?

Sources in classic literary works? When you asked my permission some years ago to make use of my tale, I at once stated that you’d be completely warranted in giving it the fullest promotion whether we consented or not, supplied only that you had been cautious never to falsify it with regard to artistic impact. See in context.

Strange that their extremely height ended up being a misapplication, that to boost appeared to falsify. But he had considered this task anew since our belated confidence and had decided on taking it, if it only served to show myself through one poor instance that the world would easily unite to falsify the stern prediction of my youth.

1st component commences with an apology for their colloquial design; he is, as he has been, the adversary of rhetoric, and understands of no rhetoric but truth; he will perhaps not falsify his personality by simply making a message. We don’t falsify. Our early learning centres, area school, health university, teacher training, 1st girls cadet college, norin disease medical center, NICVD, liquid filtration plants and sewerage treatment plants occur in the world perhaps not imagination,’ she typed.

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